The present brochure is prepared for edition with the purpose of acquaintance of the readers with the new doctrine which has appeared together with the man, bearing (carrying) this doctrine, in the sermons and books, by Alexander Pechyonkin. This doctrine is about the Most High Lord the God (the Almighty) and His Most Excellent Realm (His All-Splendid Kingdom), about the Universe and the Way of the man to the Divine Kingdom of Rest and Creativity, Beauty and Bliss. The basic content of this brochure includes the fundamental components of this doctrine (Teaching) and the prayers, which were written by A. Pechyonkin.

Every master who had ever come to the Earth and given a doctrine (teaching) to the humanity, tried to concentrate his doctrine (teaching) in the form of the commandments (precepts) or the certain moral rules of life, that people could build their lives according to them. In that way through the commandments (precepts) people get an opportunity (possibility) to apply these commandments (precepts) in practice in their daily life and determine (look) how these commandments (precepts) and moral norms work in concrete vital situations. Are they suitable and available (applicable) for each person who wants to use them and carry them out?

It is well known that the commandments (precepts) had been given to the humanity (mankind) since very ancient times, and now happens likewise that new masters, coming into this world, give their commandments (precepts) to people.

Moses has left behind 10 commandments for the Jewish people. The Buddha descended to the Earth; he also has given his 10 commandments, but for all mankind (humanity). Finally, Jesus Christ descends, and humanity receives a new Divine gift - the Beatitudes, which has been (are) the basis of the Christian religion for almost two thousand years.

Recently appeared Vissarion the Christ, who has proclaimed (considered) himself to be the second reincarnation of Jesus Christ, has offered us not just 10, but (and) 61 commandments. But such a huge quantity (number) of the rules and recommendations likely will confuse a person and provoke (cause) many new questions and doubts, than will clarify (clear) and resolve vital situations and problems, which a man has to face almost every day.

To understand, do we need commandments, and if we need, how many, let us turn (pay attention, refer) to the words of Jesus Christ at the Last Supper (the Last Evening), talked to (with) his disciples for the last time and said to them: "a new Commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another" (John 13:34). Jesus did not say: "new Commandments I give to you...", but "a commandment. That is only one and unique commandment should be acquired and applied in practical life by all mankind (humanity). What is the essence of this commandment? Jesus speaks of love to each other. But how should we love each other? Jesus (prompts) gives us this answer: "As I have loved you..." And Jesus Christ did love everyone: the poor and the erring, the sinful and the righteous ones, He loved His enemies and persecutors. Jesus loved everybody. And His commandment tells us about All-Love, which every person must acquire in his heart.

The doctrine (concept) of Alexander Pechyonkin is based on the doctrine (teaching) of Jesus Christ. Jesus has already given the grains (seeds) of the All-Love in His commandment, given above. In the doctrine (concept, teaching) of Alexander Pechyonkin the All-Love is the basis (core). He says that everyone should acquire (gain) the All-Love in his or her heart. But this is possible only due to (through) the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit descending (emanating) from the Most High Lord God, can help a person (man) in his daily practical life gradually acquire this all-love and grow it in his heart as a beautiful (perfect) divine flower.

And the Holy Spirit, as Alexander Pechyonkin says, can be acquired (gained) by a person only when he starts to appeal to the All- Loving God with a plentiful loving prayer and thank the All-Good (All-Blessing) Lord God for all his thoughts and deeds (actions).

At the moment of Spiritual communication with the God through the loving prayer, the Holy Spirit descends upon a person (man) step by step (drop by drop). The Holy Spirit guides a person from his birth to the death bed, Which purifies (cleanses) his soul and reveals (shows) the true way to the Kingdom of God, (that is) which is peculiar only for each person because God works in mysterious ways. The Holy Spirit makes and helps a person to pass (go) through all his karmic labyrinths and temptations, because only passing through his temptations a person becomes purified, whitened and enlightened. Through the thanks and loving (love-filled) prayer to the All-Holy God a person with the aid of the Holy Spirit develops such divine qualities as All-Humility, All-Meekness, All-Patience, All-Forgiveness, All-Mercifulness, Non-Judgment and All-Embracing Love. That's how a man gets the divine epithets of the God in practice.

Such people never set forth (define) any prohibitions (restrictions) for themselves, they just accept everything with gratitude the fact what happens (occurs) to them and thank the All-Loving God for it. Thus they become free, joyful, joyous and happy. For the mystery of human happiness is to pray to Most High Lord God (the Almighty). As more we converse with the All-Loving God through such a prayer, more the Holy Spirit penetrates us and create in our body a temple as peace, joy, contentment and spiritual enlightenment.

A. Pechyonkin teaches us that God leads us with a Living Spirit, so that we could live in joyance and happiness, but if we don't turn to God with prayer of thanks and repentance, we close the door for the Holy Spirit and thus we block (shut down) the channels through which we receive the Divine bliss (insight). All in the hands of a man, and he is free to choose, for the God is free Himself and gives freedom to all, each and everyone and everything in His Universe.

All commandments and precepts always carry the essence of a particular doctrine (concept) to which they belong. They give (provide) the key (clue) to the doctrine (teaching) in General (as a whole). Let us quote the commandment from the book of A. Pechyonkin: "the Second Coming (Arrival) of the Messiah."

With the grace of the Holy Spirit Alexander Pechyonkin provides (gives) the commandment of all-embracing love for all (humanity) and it can be used by any person for (according to) his own circumstances or problems. This commandment is simple and available (affordable, commonly understandable, usually clear) to anyone. The most important thing that any man, whoever he might be, might find the answer to his questions and practical advice for his actions in any kind of the situation, even if it seems complicated and unpredictable.
This commandment is given below (Here is the commandment):

"In all your thoughts and deeds you should act in accordance with external and internal (inner and outer) desires and wishes, but in agreement with the prompts of such things as: the present circumstances (signs, omens), your heart and your mind , either separately, or it is even better when they are in unity. And under any situation, always, everywhere and for everything you should give Thanks to the Most High Lord God, Which is the All-Loving, the All-Holy and the All-Truthful (the All-True)..., with the inner joy in your heart. Amen."

The Holy Spirit helped (enabled) A. Pechyonkin to create a new prayer "OUR FATHER THE ALL-HOLY(THE MOST SAINT)..." which is based on the Christian prayer" Our Father, but which is purified (deprived, cleansed) of dogmas and expanded (extended) to the composition of 3 parts. The main distinction (difference) of this prayer is that, it applies not only to the Christians, but to the all (entire) mankind (humanity). On the lips of the prayers it becomes alive and full of individual creativity. (In detail use the book "Vissarion the Christ or the Spiritual Devil", chapter "The Prayer, the Lord "," Our Father the All- Holy", which is written by A. Pechyonkin).

Our Father the All-Holy (the Most Saint), All-Sheer (All-Existing), All-Truthful,
You are the Giver of Love.
Thou Art beneficially everywhere, always, anytime in everything...
Hollowed be Thy Holy Epithets...
Hollowed be the fortunate Names of Thy Sons...
Thy Kingdom the Happiest come to my heart;
Thy will be done in the entire Universe
As it is on the Earth and over me.
Give us this day spiritual and material food
Let so as in deed and in reason there will be without engender laziness
And Thy Art the All-Merciful and the All-Forgiving,
the All-Meek and the All-Humble...
And as Thou forgive us our debts,
Do teach us be always
the All-Merciful and the All-Forgiving,
the All-Meek and the All-Humble...
Towards our debtors (who trespass against us).
Do deliver us wisely from the Evil,
And let us not fall blindly into temptations,
But get whitened, cleaned, purified and transformed in them as light.
Thy All-Embracing love stay (be) in our hearts,
For Thy is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory
Of the God the Father and the God the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit,
At present and then and always and at all times!

27 years later this prayer was purified and now it looks like:

Our Father the All-Holy (the Most Saint), All-Sheer (All-Existing), All-Truthful,
You are the Giver of Love.
Thou are fertile everything, always (anytime) and in everything
Hallowed be all Thy Holy Lovely (Excellent) Epithets.
Hallowed be all the Glorious Names Thy Sons.
Your Happy Kingdom will come to my heart.
Your will be done, Lord,
As in all Your entire Universe (Creation),
And so there is on the Earth and over me.
Give us this day the spiritual and material food
Let so as in deeds and in mind
Praise You.
And since You are All-Merciful and All-Forgiving,
All-Humble and Instructing (Reasoning),
And You reveal our sins to us,
And do teach us be always
All-merciful and all-forgiving,
All-humble and all-meek
Towards our debtors (who trespass against us).
And wisely deliver us from the devil one,
Help us to pass (go, get through) any temptation
To get whitened, be transformed (be over-melted, be molded), and be purified (cleansed), as the light.
Thy All-Love be (stay) in our hearts,
For Thy is the Kingdom (the Truth) and the Power and the Glory
Of the God the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
At present (Now) and ever (always), and at all times!
And so be it.

Below one more prayer (named The Lord) written by Alexander:

Lord! You are the Truth,
I'm trying to comprehend and understand,
To love You with all my heart,
With all my mind,
With all my flesh, with all my soul,
And to love not only my neighbor
As myself,
But, also, you should love both a stranger and my enemy.
All Your Epithets (Names), You have (possess),
They are the Criterion of the truth for me,
In my thoughts and deeds,
O Lord, You Are All-Merciful,
All-Forgiving, All-Loving!
Forgive me, a sinner, for my sins,
Since I came to this world
In order to be purified (cleansed) from my sins
Which I had made in ignorance and in the vision (outlook, consciousness),
Thanks to my words, thoughts and actions (doings).
Lord! Have mercy on me, a sinner!
Lord! Arouse me, a sinner,
With all Your All-Love in my heart.
For Your All-Love purifies (cleanses) my soul
From different sins
So, and all diseases,
I've gained (taken) in my life.
Heal me, O Lord!
I believe in Your healing, Lord!
Thank You, Lord,
For Your cleansing of my soul
By The Grace of Thy Holy Spirit!!!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Come into my heart and live in me,
And reveal (disclose) my sins before my eyes
I was able to transform into Your All-Love,
And because of it, not to gain (acquire) new sins
And not to suffer, thanks to it.
Thank You, Lord,
For Your fatherly care and love about me.
Thank You, Lord,
For You teach me
To communicate with You through a live,
Loving prayer,
It is the prayer of thanks and repentance.
Now I'm not alone anymore
And I don't dwell in anguish and sorrow,
For, You are always near me
And You are within me.
Thank You, Lord, for everything and everything!
Thank You, Lord!
Thank You, the All-Holy!
Thank You, the All-Radiant!
Thank You, the All-Loving!
The Glory of the God the Father and of the Son, Jesus Christ
And of all the Sons of God
And of Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages!


This is neither a religious nor a philosophical treatise. It is a book of fiction, done in refined poetic language. The story is told by Christ Himself as well as by the author. It sounds almost as a documentary of the last sufferings of our Lord. The greater part of the book is the prayers Jesus is giving to his Eternal Father. The story spells the reader with dramatization and the surprising energy of the all-lovingness, all-meekness, all-humility the source of which is found in the prayers of Jesus Christ. The reader accompanies Jesus on His hard way sufferings and humiliation that, at the same time, permeated with prayers of thanksgiving to Our Father. The reader who feels sympathetic with Jesus gets rid of his own sinful and overhauls his morale.

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